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Skylara Essentials Organic Arnica Herb Essential Oil (Unscented) for

Skylara Essentials Organic Arnica Herb Essential Oil (Unscented) for

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Botanical Origin: Grown and nurtured in the rich soil of Mexico. the Arnica Herb Essential Oil derives its purity and authenticity from the Heterotheca Inuloides plant. Unscented and Pure: Exclusively unscented. allowing you to experience the unadulterated natural goodness of Arnica without additional fragrances. Versatile Sizes: Choose from sizes ranging from 10ml to 4oz (120ml) and a convenient 10ml Roll On. catering to various preferences and usage needs. Perfect Blends: Harmoniously blends with Eucalyptus. Ginger. and Peppermint oils. offering a dynamic and complementary aromatic experience. Aromatic Profile: The CO2-extraction process captures the medium to strong. bitter yet herbal scent. making it suitable for rituals. spiritual practices. and holistic aromatherapy. Pure and Natural: Skylara Essentials guarantees the highest quality. presenting pure-grade. certified vegan. certified kosher. and organic essential oils. contributing to your overall well-being. Quality Packaging: Each bottle is housed in amber glass. preserving the oil's integrity by protecting it from light. The euro dropper ensures precise and controlled usage.

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